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Basic Drills

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Basic Drills Empty Basic Drills

Post by WenJie on Sat Feb 28, 2009 7:57 pm

1. Sedia (stand at attention)
- From senang diri, lift your left leg up at an angle of 90º (45º for girls) with your toes pointing downwards and bang it to the ground
- Your left heel should be touching your right heel at an angle of 30º
- Pull and lock your arms straight to your sides with wrists straight
- Fists should be clenched with thumbs vertical and pulled back at the seamline of pants ( around the same position for girls)

Timing: 1...2.

Common mistakes:
- Strained position
- Allowing body and shoulder to sag
- Bending of wrists and failing to clench fists
- Heels not touching each other
- Not lifting legs up to 90º for boys and 45º for girls before banging
- Toes not pointing downwards when lifting left leg up
- Arms not locked by the sides

2. Senang Diri (Stand at ease)
- From Sedia position, life your left leg up at an angle of 90º, moving it to your left followed by banging on the ground
- The left and right foot should be shoulder width apart on the ground
- Arms should be pulled back behind your back as soon as possible, straightening your palms and putting your right palm over the left palm


Common mistakes:
- Allowing arms to bend or fling about when carrying out the command
- Moving the right foot instead of the left foot
- Not lifting legs up to 90º when banging
- Allowing hands to curl up while behind your back
- Looking down

3.Rehatkan Diri (Stand relaxed)
- From Senang Diri, relax the limbs, body and head

Timing: None

Common mistakes:
- Moving even before the NCO gives permission to carry on
- Moving the feet or fidgeting

4.Ke-kanan lurus (right dress)
- When the command is given, everyone except the right hand man of each rank turns their heads to the right
- Those in the first rank also raises their right arm to the right to shoulder level with clenched fist (if there is a lack of space, put right arms behind the body of the person next to him/her)
- The right hand man of each rank except the right marker raises their right arms the same way, but infront of them
- Raise left leg to 90º and bang
- Adjust dressing quickly after banging using small shuffles instead of big steps

Timing: Up-Check-Bang

Common Mistakes:
- Not looking up or to the right
- Movements not sharp when lifting arms or turning heads
- Dressing not adjusted correctly or quick enough

5.Pandang ke-hadapan pandang (eyes looking front)
- From kekanan lurus, each rank will turn their heads to the front and cut their hands down sharply at the same instant

Timing: None

Common mistakes:
- Not cutting down sharp enough

6. Keluar baris (fall out)
- Turning 90º to the right and bang
- March 3 steps and bang

Timing: Turn-Check-Bang-Check-Left-Right-Left

Common Mistakes:
- Not marching properly

7. Bersurai (Dismissal)
- Turn 90º to the right and bang
- Salute and/or tilt head towards commander and tilt it back down again
- March 3 steps and bang

Timing: Turn-Check-Bang-Check-Up-Check-Down-Check-Left-Right-Left..

Common Mistakes:
- Confusing over saluting the commander
- Not marching properly

Note: For occasions where the cadets are in full-uniform (with headdress on), they must salute when tilting their heads.

8. Samula (back to previous position)

- Move back to the previous position
- If marching, execute hentak kaki

Timing: none

Common mistakes:

- Not executing quick enough

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