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General Knowledge of Ngee Ann NPCC.

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General Knowledge of Ngee Ann NPCC. Empty General Knowledge of Ngee Ann NPCC.

Post by WenJie on Sat Feb 14, 2009 8:19 pm

Ngee Ann NPCC Unit Mission

To develop a culture of discipline and respect.

Introduction of Ngee Ann NPCC

Located in the eastern part of Singapore, Ngee Ann NPCC Unit was formed in 1994 and since then, she was within the territories of Area 11. She was then re-shuttled to Area 9 in 2002.

History of Ngee Ann NPCC

Below are the milestones of this young and vigourous unit, however, there may still be some missing information.

1994 - Located in the eastern part of Singapore, Ngee Ann NPCC Unit was formed in 1994 within the territories of Area 11. Under the leadership of W/Insp Diana Boey, she had CI Ang Zhiqiang to assist her in running this unit of 40 boy cadets

1995 - The unit grew recruited new blood with incoming officers, CI (W/CI Huang Puishan) and cadets (both boys and girls). In addition, the OCship was transferred to W/Insp Muneria Daud.

1996 - 1996 marks a new chapter of the unit’s history. We were chosen to become the Guard-of-Honour for the school’s Opening Ceremony. Apart from this, the unit had welcomed more officers and CIs (CI Ong Chun Thiam, Danny). In the same year, she had hosted the Area 11 NCO Training Camp 96.

1997 - A year later, the unit grew stronger and had undergone changes beyond our expectation and included more activities for her cadets. Among these activities were an educational trip to Indonesia, hosting the Area 11 Adventure Training Camp (ATC) and more. We were also ranked 15th for the Inter-Unit Quiz Competition held at HQ level.

1998 - 1998 marks another chapter of the unit’s history. That year, W/Insp Hannah Ho, CI Tan Chye Huat and W/CI Lim Xinying had joined our big family. Apart from that, it was our first time participating in the Inter-Unit Campcraft Competition 98, organizing the Area 11 Field Cooking Competition 98, having a Station Inspector: SI Chong Chin Ling, publishing our unit newsletter: NPCC Times. Once again the unit was honoured to receive the Merit Award in the Overall Unit Proficiency Award 98. It was also that year that the unit mission was introduced: To develop a culture of discipline and respect. Once again, the unit is honoured to host the Area 11 NCO Training Camp 98 as well as her own Unit NCO Training Course.

1999 - A year later, the OCship of the unit was transferred to W/Insp Wang-Tang Suet Yen. Under her leadership, the unit had received a Sliver Award in the Overall Unit Proficiency Award 99. That year, W/Insp Karen Yaw, CI Suhami, W/CI Fazlinda and W/CI Norliana Salleh had joined into our big family. We had organized the Area 11 Field Cooking Competition 99, East Zone Pioneering Competition 99 and Unit Annual Camp 99. In addition, we also went to Malaysia, Taman Negara in June for an educational trip.

2000 - In 2000, the OCship of the unit was once again transferred to W/Insp Pong-Tiu Biau Choon. Under her leadership, like the previous year, the unit had received a Sliver Award in the Overall Unit Proficiency Award 2000. We welcome Insp Mohd Jawahir, CI Gan Gim Yong and CI Marc Tan Li-Shen Imran to the unit. We had also promoted S/Sgt Loh Ping Sheng and S/Sgt Quek Xiu Ling to the rank of Station Inspector. The unit was also chosen to participate in both the NPCC Day Parade 2000 as well as the Singapore Youth Festival 2000. In addition, we had also participated in the Inter-Area Project Based Competition held at HQ level. We had organized the East Zone Field Cooking Competition Y2K (where our Commandant Mr Kai Tong Sin was the Guest-of-Honour), East Zone Pioneering Competition Y2K, Area 11 NCO Training Camp Y2K as well as Unit Annual Camp Y2K where we invited our ex-cadets for the Campfire Nite. Apart from these, we also went to Thaliand, Chiangmai for an educational-community trip. Sgt Suhaila Bte Ishak and Sgt Neo Peng Hwee were selected to participate in the National Camp 2000 and Sgt Lim Xian Run and Sgt Lim Bowen were selected participate in the NCC Camp Pinnacle 2000. This year, we had also initiated the Area 11 T-shirt Design Competition where the best design will be selected as our Area’s official T-shirt. On top of that, what you see now about this website was also one key initiative of the year’s project. All in all, we hope that this young and vigorous unit will continue her tradition of excellence for all batches of Ngee Ann NPCC cadets.

2001 - This year, we welcome back W/CI Quek Xiu Ling, CI Huang Yuan Hao and CI Loh Ping Shen. Congratulations to HI Tan Chye Huat on his promotion and Herman and Suhaila on their promotion to Station Inspectors. Our unit has also organized the Area 11 NPCC T-shirt Design Competition, whereby the winning design is used for the area T-shirt, and the first National Field Cooking Competition. Lastly, we achieved the Overall Unit Proficiency Award (our 1st Gold Award).

2002 - Firstly, we welcome W/Insp Lee Chin Li as an officer and CI Cai Zhi Hao, CI Qin Xuan and CI James. Next, we congratulate SI Zhen Xiong and SI Qiaoli on their promotions. For activities, our unit has organised the Area 9 NCO Camp and the second National Field Cooking Competition.
Finally, our unit has achieved a gold for the Overall Unit Proficiency Award – our second Gold Award.

2003 - To start things off, we welcome W/CI Suhaila and CI Lin Bowen to our unit. Congratulations to W/Insp Lee Chin Li on her appointment as Officer-in-Charge and SI Lee Jia Wei Brandon and SI Siti Noor Adilla on their promotions.
Our unit has organised both the third National Field Cooking Competition and Area 9 Sec 3 Adventure Training Camp. Next, some of us participated as Guard-of-Honour for NPCC Day Parade and Guest-of-Honour and supporting contingents for SYF. We also participated in the Triple R Competition organized by East Spring Seccondary School and came in first. We would also like to say farewell to CI Marc and thank him for his contribution to the unit. Lastly, we have once again got gold for Overall Unit Proficiency Award – our third Gold Award.

2004 - Firstly, we would like to congratulate SI Cai Zhifeng and SI Loke Lup Peng on their promotions and W/Insp Wan Suhaila on her appointment as Adjutant. On top of that, we also organised the Inter-Area Campcraft Competition and participated in the Inter-unit Campcraft Competition and got 19th Position. For this year, we were awarded Silver for the UOPA.

2005 - We would like to extend our warm welcome to 5 new members of our NAS NPCC family. They are Insp Heok, Miss Kumutha, HO Wu Heng Xin, CI Ridzwan from the Golf Batch and CI Lup Peng from Hotel Batch. In addition to this, we would also like to congratulate SI Pang Xue Qi and SI John Loy Shiguang for their promotions. A round of applause for attaining Silver for UOPA.

2006 - At the start of this year, we welcome 2 new teacher officers. They are Ms Chen and Ms Yanti. In addition, we also welcome CI Charles Lai to our unit. Next up we congratulate SI Cher Peak Siah and SI Ily Heida Bte Mohamed Hanafi on their latest promotion to station inspectors. Last but not least, we would like to bid farewell and thank the following instructors for their valuable contribution to the unit. They are HI Tan Chye Huat and CI Lin Bowen.

2007 - We have the arrival of two new CIs, namely CI Leow Yanjie and WCI Cher Peak Siah from Juilet Squad. Formerly Assistant Training Head and Admin Head, they strongly believe in contributing back to the unit what they have gained from it. In September, we held our unit's first Inter-Unit Amazing Race at Pasir Ris Park. We are shying away from doing yet another National Field Cooking Competition as the school is undergoing PRIME (construction). The first buildings to undergo PRIME are the quadrangle and Hall/Canteen, leaving us with not many feasible venues for a field cooking competition within the school compound.
Last but not least, we welcome in our November Squad of vibrant sec 1s. We congratulate you on your selection of NPCC as a CCA and hope you enjoy your NPCC life as much as your seniors did/are doing.

2008 – First, we have the new Uniform Room in the new building that was built during last year’s PRIME, however, the room is shared among the Uniformed Groups which gave us limited place to place our logistics. We also have the quadrangle back, which gave us more space to carry out our weekly training. The old NPCC room shared by us and NCC will be torn down for the second phase of PRIME. Then, we welcome WCI Netti, previously a cadet from our unit, as our Cadet Inspector for the unit. Next, we congratulate SI Grace and SI Fattah for their promotion to Station Inspector. Last but definitely not least, we welcome our Oscar Squad of Secondary 1 cadets to the unit. We congratulate you on your choice of NPCC as your CCA and hope you learn valuable knowledge in NPCC and have fun as much as your seniors.

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