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Introduction to Drills

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Introduction to Drills Empty Introduction to Drills

Post by WenJie on Fri Feb 27, 2009 10:22 pm


Objectives of Drills:
The teaching of drills to members of the various uniform groups is regarded as an important form of training as well as activity since founding days. This importance of drill must never be overlooked or ignored.

Drills are needed to:
1.To inculcate a sense of discipline among members of the squad. After knowing how to do drills, cadets will automatically act upon hearing the commands.

2.Individual effort does not bring survival or victory for an individual. An individual has to learn teamwork and the value of unified and cooperative action so thoroughly that they guide his/her later actions instinctively.

3.Everyone needs a precise and united effort and every cadet in the squad can play a part. These are fostered through drill trainings.

4.A sense of discipline can be cultivated when cadets respond immediately to the commands. It can also build up a spirit of close cooperation.

5.Proper training of drill will grace important ceremonies as well as to prove to the public uniformity and discipline.

Words of Command:
All words of command must be clear and forceful since the way in which they are given affects the reaction they inspire. A forceful and clear command will raise the spirit of the squad and produce a better drill standard.

A word of command is divided into 3 parts
1. Introductory: This tells the squad the movement they are to carry out

2. Cautionary: The draw out and loud reminder to the squad

3. Executive: The loud, sharp portion of the command


1) Sedia

Introductory: "Sekuad" or "Squad"

Cautionary: "Sedi..."

Executive: "...a"

2) Bergerak Ke-kanan ber tiga tiga Ke-kanan Pusing

Introductory: "Bergerak ke-kanan ber tiga tiga"

Cautionary: "Ke-kanan pu..."

Executive: "...sing"

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